The articles posted on this blog will inspire, influence, educate and even entertain you on the subjects of DATING, SEX, RELATIONSHIPS and the SCIENCE OF HUMAN LOVE! Ms. Runstein’s editorials offer over-the-top, myth busting, 21st Century advice that you will not find anywhere else on the planet!

As the foremost visionary on love, Ms. Runstein will help clear up all those foolish mainstream misconceptions and fanatical myths associated with today’s trials and tribulations when it comes to dating and relationships. She explains that in an era of equality between the sexes, it has become extremely difficult for men and women to accept the fact that nature rules supreme where our love life is concerned.

“As humans, we are, first and foremost, innately and biologically designed to love and be loved, but only because men and women are complete opposites.”

Controversial, clever, insightful, and downright unapologetic in what and how she writes, she leaves much to think about, nothing to question. Just read one of her articles and you will understand why.

Linda Jean Runstein is a Certified Professional Dating & Relationship Coach, CPC, CRC, CBEC, Personal Image Coach, Love Science Mentor, Consultant, Author & Public Speaker.

Nationally recognized as an extraordinary dating expert, Ms. Runstein was voted by her peers as America’s # One Dating Genius for her straight forward & ingenious dating advice as a dating coach & consultant for the past 15 years!


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