“Why Men & Women Communicate Differently”


Men and women do communicate differently, and nature, itself, is responsible. Men communicate what they basically are thinking. Women communicate with the use of their basic emotions. Man is direct in his way of speaking while a woman is indirect. Why? Thinking is a direct response while feeling is an indirect response.

How many times have you heard a man complain about a woman saying one thing when she meant another? How many times have you heard a woman complain how insensitive he’s being? Why the variation in communication, even though, both sexes can speak the same language?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that men are basically logical while women are basically emotional in nature. Yet, this only further explains the differences in both sexes. It does not address the question as to why communication is so different between them. I believe if we take a look at nature’s unique human design we could find the answers.

Nature designed man and woman as complete and total opposites. In fact, everything that exist on this planet has an opposite. Without an opposite nothing would survive. Why? Because not one thing in existence functions on its own without other parts to make it whole.

Man and woman are two separate parts that come together to form a complete function, and that function is to survive and produce offspring for the continuation of human life. This is also why man’s innate nature as provider and protector is guided by his logical being while woman’s innate nature as nurturer and caregiver is guided by her emotional being.

A man’s communication is primarily based on him being the provider and protector. This means he doesn’t require many words to speak or with much emotion to provide and protect a family. A woman’s communication is primarily based on her being the nurturer and caregiver. This does require her to communicate using many words and with emotion to nurture and care for her offsprings.

When these two opposites join together you have synergy. That synergy creates a complete purpose. Humans have only one purpose, and that purpose is to continual exist.

Experts who study prehistoric language believe that speech developed gradually and began at first as imitations of sounds in nature. They believe that prehistoric men and women exchange signals and signs. It wasn’t until the advent of language that it had become apparent how different each sex communicates.

So is language, itself, at fault? Perhaps, but speech is expressed through one’s vocabulary, which nature didn’t invent. How humans process verbal communication through the left cerebral cortex of the brain, nature did.

Though women understand logic and men understand emotion, their use of language reflects their own innate nature. One language; two ways of expressing that language aids human communication to come full circle. Communication is complete and once again we have synergy.

Men and women are neither equal nor separate because they are opposite partners. As opposite partners, their communication would be different. The key to remember is that a woman can benefit from a man’s verbal logic, just as much as a man will benefit from a woman’s verbal emotions.

Communication between the sexes is a combination of logic and emotion. Without considering both, there can be no human understanding between men and women. Our innate nature to survive and procreate is in itself, the greatest love story ever enacted on the human stage. Especially when it comes to how men and women communicate to one another.


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