3 thoughts on “The High-Value Woman Versus The Low-Value Woman!”

  1. bob says:

    high maintenance = bigger burden plain and simple and it doesn’t necessarily mean high quality at all. While you have some few points to justify high maintenance in a cognitive dissonance sense, I’ve met many ‘low maintenance’ woman with integrity, eat healthy, easy going, intelligent and giving and don’t break the bank. It comes down to ‘standards’, really comfort zones, if you are really one of those people that think very few things are good enough for you, or if a guwilling with enough energy and money to exhaust with similar such ‘standards’ to put up with you. Well don’t surprised if after some years of bliss you are tossed aside for a younger and better model because that is the nature and flaw of such thinking, perfectionism is a form of abuse after all. I know I’d pick a balanced low maintenance woman with a mix of standards where it counts. She and I would both have enough energy to get on with enjoying life because it simply doesn’t take much to be happy with who we are. I really don’t think many guys would go down the high maintenance road because of this, except if they foolishly equate value with material things and a small comfort zone as ‘standards’ rather than love, character, capability, adaptibilty, grit and intelligence But be true to who you are there’s someone out there for everyone.


    • lovesmg says:

      Thanks for your comment Bob! Except for integrity, I purposely left out one’s character and moral values since those depend on the individual themselves. They have nothing to do with a woman being either high or low maintenance. However, my article is more about how a woman exercises her worth and especially to a man. If you felt offended, I apologize, but perhaps you are confused with thinking I was conveying the message related to a person’s lifestyle.


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