3 thoughts on “Why all the Male Bashing? Why are single women so disappointed in men?

  1. Johnny says:

    Stay single my friends because this is a no win situation. Women will continue dating a-holes while the good men the women folk allege they want, get the shaft.


    • Henry says:

      All those ‘nice guys’ are actually just boys who think that being polite entitles them to a girlfriend: ‘Nice guys’ hold the door open for you and then wait for some form of extreme form of gratitude. So consider this: Women are not some arcade game that you can win over and tag. We want someone just as badly as the next person. It’s just a matter of either you’re a ‘good guy’ who actually thinks that he deserves an sex for simply acknowledging a girl as a human being or you’re some buff college kid who relentlessly grinds on girls like a horny dog.
      Just saying from a woman’s (and her friends’ unsurprisingly) point of view.


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