Why Men are Autonomous Sexual Beings!


Men are fundamentally the most sovereign sexual beings by nature, unmatched by any other species on the planet! That is until they fall in love! Wait, ladies, don’t get too excited yet!

A man’s overall physical prowess knows no bounds, whether it’s in combat, sports, physical activities and especially when it comes to physical intimacy. Why was man designed in this way and for what purpose?male

Nature provided the human male with all the physical abilities necessary to do two very important things, to survive and spread his seed. With the spread of his seed came the added job as provider & protector with the use of a masculine body designed to be a strong and powerful machine, in part to be a human weapon, to build a shelter as well as to hunt for food.

Yet, the human males’ innate and biological need for sexual intimacy is perhaps the most interesting of all his abilities. But the question remains as to why? Nature needed a guarantee that the human species would continue and the only way that could happen would be to make the human male a sexual autonomous being.

Testosterone plays a major role in men’s biological need for sex, but there is also an area in the hypothalamus in the male brain called sexually dimorphic nucleus, preoptic area SDN-POA, that is responsible for one of the most important things to a man, SEXUAL GRATIFICATION. What this all means is that nature purposely hot-wired the male brain to be addicted to and in full pursuit of sexual gratification!

However, in the female brain, the preoptic area POA is hardly functional. This means the female brain is not really hot-wired for any kind of serious pursuit for sexual gratification. Although feminist and especially younger women act like they do, it’s not the case. Hollywood also portrays their female heroines as if they do, but it’s pure fantasy. Another word’s, ladies, your libido is pre-conditioned to want sex, not NEED it. You’ll have to fake it, period! Perhaps, Hollywood style?

It is biologically impossible for the human female to need sex for sexual gratification alone as men do. Women are fundamentally bonding emotional beings by nature who biologically feel the need for sex to bond. That’s it, period. When a woman gets sexually aroused, you can bet that it’s primarily bonding time!  Women, through sex, get relational in a heartbeat!

Why do you think women love anything that’s romantic and want to be romanced? To a woman being romanced while dating, courting, spending time together is a bonding ritual that will end in hopefully a life-long partnership!

The concern that men have in general and especially men from other cultures that their women can be just as promiscuous as they are can be due to male perception. There are countries such as Africa who perform tribal rituals that include bodily mutilation on women’s sexual organs to prevent promiscuity. Thank heavens science today can prove otherwise!

The neuron-chemical oxytocin is responsible for bonding which women produce in abundance and especially during sex, but testosterone blocks the production of oxytocin in men during sex. Why? Well, think about it. If a guy bonds to his partner he won’t spread his seed with another woman. So, nature purposely designed the male brain to block the bonding chemical so he can’t bond.

Therefore, women shouldn’t have sex so soon with a guy until he’s emotionally invested. Once a guy is emotionally invested, his testosterone level decreases and this allows his oxytocin to flow freely. Have you ever witnessed a man in love? He becomes as docile as a puppy and weak-kneed. It is due in part to a little testosterone deficiency. He’s bonded and in love! Now, ladies, you can get excited!

In fact, male-inspired poetry, literature, art, entertainment, music, and philosophy have been mainly created while men were under the influence of being in LOVE!  Yet, except for Mona Lisa’s smile and producing offsprings, women over the centuries have contributed very little while under the influence of being in love. I guess a little testosterone deficiency goes a long way, creatively, of course.

Though, as familiar with men as women are today there are still two types of females that think of men in a superficial way. One such type of female refuses to accept the differences between men and women and the other type who is fully aware of the difference, chooses to ignore it altogether.

Yet, both types are the first to cry rape after they entice a man sexually, get him fully aroused and then without notice refuse to deliver. Ask any famous male athlete or male celebrity that has been promised sexual gratification through sexual enticement by either a very young naïve female, who didn’t know any better, or by a female who did, who cried rape and the man was either accused, sued or sentenced to imprisonment.

Women of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds should be educated to the fact that human male sexuality is very strong and explosive because it is fully driven by male nature and biology. Like a dangerous weapon, it needs to be handled with respect, caution, and care. Yet, like a physical warmth that provides a strong and steady feeling of bonding and security that all women natural need and yearn for, male sexuality can be a heavenly blessing that should never be taken for granted.

Equality between the sexes has blurred the lines so much so that man’s primary nature to survive and spread his seed is now confused with women’s primary nature to produce offspring’s  as well as nurture & care for them; while at the same time, both sexes equally share in the providing, protecting, nurturing and caregiving.

Though it has become a modern cultural exchange between the sexes that has been perpetrated by advancements in economics, education and primarily influenced by politics, to our innate nature, this advanced exchange between the sexes is nothing more than an oxymoron due to the differences in male & female innate patterns of behavior which are stored in the primitive or ancient part of the human brain known as our nature-based consciousness.

Our innate nature and biology rule supreme; even in an era of equality between the sexes! In fact, there is no political cause, movement, politician, political correctness, a female president, cultural paradigm,  gender evolution, generation or even fifty shades of any color that can ever change it!

As for men, their unique innate patterns of behavior and biology has never been questioned as to what purpose they exist. As providers and protectors through their innate nature, the human male will always be the steady rock that keeps human society completely balanced.

So, if you are a woman who is a feminist, independent, highly educated, naïve, innocent, or if you’ve been disappointed, used, abused or emotionally hurt by a man, complain all you want, the fact remains that your earliest male ancestors got you where you are today, born and alive.

Any woman today who thinks men are nothing more than controlling, selfish, oversexed, egotistical, macho supreme beings, should perhaps think again. Nature made MAN the ultimate supreme being for one reason and one reason only, to advance the human species and at all cost! Without what nature provided MAN, we humans would have ended long before we ever had a chance to fully begin.


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