Linda Jean Runstein is a Certified Professional Coach, CPC, CRC, CBEC, author, public Speaker, founder & president of Love Science Global Media Group, LLC. She is the foremost authority on the differences between the human male & female and human love with considerable education & experience in the following fields:

  • Writing
  • Social Science
  • Behavioral Science
  • Natural Science
  • Human Biology
  • Coaching

After 20 years of conducting research on the science that is behind human love, Ms. Runstein developed LOVE SCIENCE, a unique program that is unlike any other that teaches the science as to how and why the human species can create and sustain the emotional feelings known as love.

By utilizing the groundbreaking scientific research conducted on the human brain, along with the numerous innate behaviors that are unique to each sex within our NATURE-BASED CONSCIOUSNESS, Ms. Runstein created the blueprint that fully explains HUMAN LOVE through our biology and unique instincts.

Originally from Boston, MA, she now lives in Colorado where her main interest is conducting workshops & clinics that teach men and women the differences in male and female, ‘Nature-Based’ instinctual behavior’s as well as biological differences that not only explain the reasons why opposites attract but can also help men and women to relate more effectively with one another.

As a 21st century authority on human love, she is the first to challenge all those foolish mainstream misconceptions, fanatical myths as well as the new so-called gender revolution associated with today’s trials and tribulations when it comes to dating and relationships. She explains that in an era of equality between the sexes, it has become extremely difficult for men and women to accept the fact that nature rules supreme where our love life is concerned.

“As humans, we are, first and foremost, innately and biologically designed to love and be loved, but only because men and women are complete opposites! ”      

Her articles on dating & relationships such as, Are You Instant Dating A Man? & Why Men are Autonomous Sexual Beings offer over-the-top advice that you will not find anywhere else on the planet.

Controversial, clever, insightful and downright unapologetic in what and how she writes, she leaves much to think about, nothing to question. If you read her articles on her blog you will certainly understand why.  She receives very view negative comments about her articles and many positive ones in response to the subject matter. 


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