The biggest problem women deal with today when it comes to dating is their date suddenly and without any explanation, disappearing. Like magic, Puff, he’s gone! It happens to single women of all ages and backgrounds. So, what is going on when a guy exits as fast as he entered your life? Read full article!


Dating Strategies Pro & Con for Single Women!



Today’s single women of every age are given dating advice on a constant basis by every dating & relationship expert out there, and through every type of media, social media included, that’s available. I believe that expert advice is better than none or information that is too generalized, uninformative or even gender-specific enough to help today’s single woman in her constantly crazy, often disappointing and confusing dating life.

So, hold on to your seatbelts, ladies! You are in for some pretty heavy advice on dating today’s single male that might be a rough road for you to travel, but worth every moment of your time learning a few essential dating strategies. Click here for full article!

Learn all about the science that is human love!


Through all the groundbreaking scientific research conducted on the human brain and utilizing all the various innate behaviors that are unique to each sex within our NATURE-BASED CONSCIOUS, located in the deepest layer of our mind, known as our ancient brain. We now have a single scientific blueprint that thoroughly explains HUMAN LOVE!

What you’ll discover is that our emotions or feelings of love are the results of love. It is not love, itself. It is our neurobiology and nature-based conscious where the production of love begins and through our subconscious where it may end.

Discover the science of human love in the book, LOVE SCIENCE, by Linda Runstein, due to be published in 2019! This book will take you on a fascinating and enlightening journey and because of equality between the sexes, a very intense controversial one! The various things you will learn:

  • Why our planet, Earth, intrinsically generates opposites that come together to form a whole function.
  • The four primary degrees and sub-degrees of human sexuality.
  • Why nature created only two sexes (male & female) in various sexual degrees.
  • Your nature-based conscious (third conscious) and how it works.
  • The various human female instincts.
  • The various human male instincts.
  • Why and how men & women communicate differently.
  • The complete bio-stages that occur from the moment of attraction through the development of love and beyond. Why these bio-stages develop differently in men and women.
  • How America’s culture of today vastly affects the natural & bio-stages in the development of human love.
  • How feminism, birth control, and fem-masculism has caused an extreme instinctual imbalance among the female sex.
  • Why it is much more difficult in the 21st century to find a mate than in past centuries. Modern economics has nothing to do with it!


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No other book offers the science that is human love! To get on our book list for a copy of Love Science, due to be published in 2019.  Please send your name and email address through the form below or click this URL: www.lovescience.global for further information.

The United States Beauty Tragedy!

I am sad that the Miss America Pageant Organization is changing the tradition of judging beauty. It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Though, physical beauty, itself, is much more equated with a healthy body and lifestyle.  Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, in an interview . . . read the full article!

Busting the Myths about High-Maintenance Women!

Just what is it about a woman that makes a guy classify her as high-maintenance? Why do men believe she’s a she-devil or worse? Why do women try their best, not to be labeled as one? Yet, more to the point – is there really such a female or is she merely a figment of the male’ imagination?

The last question I’ll answer first . . . Read the full article!

Who Pays for the Date?


The biggest issue now when it comes to dating is who pays the bill? It is a question that shouldn’t be a question let alone an issue in the first place. Why? Well, it’s obvious who pays –  read the full article!


Outer Beauty versus Inner Beauty!


Accept it or not, our appearance on the outside has just as much to say about us as an individual as the person we are on the inside. Being shallow simply has nothing to do with it. When you look at someone for the very first time, you automatically form an opinion of how they appear to you. There are questions that your thoughts automatically answer: read the full article


Why Men are Autonomous Sexual Beings!


Men are fundamentally the most sovereign sexual beings by nature, unmatched by any other species on the planet! That is until they fall in love! Wait, ladies, don’t get too excited yet!  A man’s overall physical prowess knows no bounds, whether it’s in combat, sports, physical activities and especially when it comes to physical intimacy. Why was man designed in this way and for what purpose?  It’s not what you think! Read the full article.




Mirror, Mirror, on the wall . . . who’s the fairest of them all?

I’ve never met a female yet who didn’t question her looks in some way or another, myself included! And I seriously doubt that I ever will! There’s no specific look, beauty look or look in general that makes much of a difference or has any importance. But being female is very important, so important that being graded by our looks from a 1 – 10 or even a 12 has its merits! That’s INSTINCTUAL MERITS I’m referring to! Puzzled?  Read the full article.


What is this . . . “I want you but I don’t NEED you” Ridiculousness?



Whenever I read an article, a blog post or a book that someone wrote about relationships or dating these phrases pop up . . .

“I want you, but I don’t need you.”

“I want a man, but I don’t need a man.”

“She needs to want me, not need me.”

“In love, I want to be wanted but not needed.”

They are becoming famous catchphrases that seriously make no sense! Why? Read the full article.


Why Men Worry if they are Dating a Desperate Woman!


As a love science mentor, I often had interesting and quite informative conversations with single men. One of the biggest issues that they all seem to share is dating what they refer to as a . . . desperate woman. The conversation would go something like this . . . Read the full article.


Why Single Women have a List of what they want in a Life-Partner and what Matchmakers can do about it!


As the lyrics go from the song of the famous musical, Fiddler on the Roof . . .

“Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch!

Matchmaker, matchmaker look through your book and make me a perfect match!”

I know many matchmakers. I have recommended them to clients, not only in Denver but also coast to coast. I believe matchmaking experts are a far better choice when seeking a long-term partner than dating sites, dating apps or even social media sites!  Why?  Read the full article.


Is Honesty the Best Policy in the Beginning of a Relationship?



Most people would agree that sincerity in a person, is in fact, an admiral in a potential mate. When you first begin getting to know someone, indeed there are imperfect things about them that you soon discover. Knowing about these imperfections helps you when left with deciding if indeed this person is genuinely worth your time and effort.  Read the full article.


The Latest Great American Tragedy!

local clinics

Around Easter time in 2017, I went on a well-needed vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. It is one of the most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean. There were more American guests there than any other nationality. I was there for two weeks. But it only took me two days to discover that the majority of Americans staying at that resort were overweight. Not just a few pounds overweight, mind you, but severely obese. Read the full article.


Could You Imagine Living in a Perfect World? Welcome to Posilute!


Back in the 90’s, I wrote a short story, Planet Heaven, about an 8-year-old boy named Benjamin who loses his parents, both police officers, in a fatal shooting incident with bank robbers. The boy, severely traumatized, begins to question why the world isn’t perfect, with no bad people or death.  Read the full article.


A Bad Attitude is Unattractive to Men!



An unhappy woman makes for a miserable girlfriend! What guy, doesn’t know that? Men, in general, are instinctually as well as instantly attracted to a well-balanced, well-rounded, happy and confident female. A lousy attitude regardless of why it exists makes any woman unattractive to the opposite sex. With that said, let’s take a look at all the things that a bad attitude produces . . . Read the full article.


There is no such thing as a Needy & Clingy Woman!

I’ve heard and read a million times, even from men who are dating and relationship experts, about women who are needy and clingy. Well, I’m here to enlighten you once and for all: there is no such female! It is not in a woman’s nature to be either needy or clingy. They are by nature bonders, period! Allow me to elaborate further.  Read the full article.


A Man on the Rebound!

The loss of a partner whether by divorce, death or a breakup can be more devastating for a man than for a woman. One important reason is that men don’t feel comfortable sitting around experiencing their feelings; they would rather find ways to suppress their emotional pain than to deal with it directly.  Men are also natural problem solvers, so when they lose a partner they usually rush right back into another relationship. Problem solved! Sorry, not true! Why? Read the full article!


Unique Traits that Men say will make a Woman Long-Term Relational!


If there is one thing that single men confide in me that is most important to them in a long-term partner, it is that she possesses a set of unique traits. Well, let’s face it, they are the ones that have to decide if they want to put-a-ring-on-it! Right? So to give you an idea of what they are talking about here is a list of unique traits . . . Read the full article!