Dating Strategies Pro & Con for Single Women!



Today’s single women of every age are given dating advice on a constant basis by every dating & relationship expert out there, and through every type of media, social media included, that’s available. I believe that expert advice is better than none or information that is too generalized, uninformative or even gender-specific enough to help today’s single woman in her constantly crazy, often disappointing and confusing dating life.

So, hold on to your seatbelts, ladies! You are in for some pretty heavy advice on dating today’s single male that might be a rough road for you to travel, but worth every moment of your time learning a few essential dating strategies. Click here for full article!


Could You Imagine Living in a Perfect World? Welcome to Posilute!


Back in the 90’s, I wrote a short story, Planet Heaven, about an 8-year-old boy named Benjamin who loses his parents, both police officers, in a fatal shooting incident with bank robbers. The boy, severely traumatized, begins to question why the world isn’t perfect, with no bad people or death.  Read the full article.


There is no such thing as a Needy & Clingy Woman!

I’ve heard and read a million times, even from men who are dating and relationship experts, about women who are needy and clingy. Well, I’m here to enlighten you once and for all: there is no such female! It is not in a woman’s nature to be either needy or clingy. They are by nature bonders, period! Allow me to elaborate further.  Read the full article.


A Man on the Rebound!

The loss of a partner whether by divorce, death or a breakup can be more devastating for a man than for a woman. One important reason is that men don’t feel comfortable sitting around experiencing their feelings; they would rather find ways to suppress their emotional pain than to deal with it directly.  Men are also natural problem solvers, so when they lose a partner they usually rush right back into another relationship. Problem solved! Sorry, not true! Why? Read the full article!


Why Men & Women Communicate Differently!


Men and women do communicate differently. Men communicate their thoughts while utilizing logic with sometimes problem-solving. Women communicate their thoughts while utilizing their highly tuned emotions. Men are direct communicators, while women are indirect communicators. Why is there a difference?  Read the full article!